Kobo Touch vs. the Kobo Glo

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Comparison Video! In the last few days, many new devices have hit the market and our tech lab has been in overdrive! No, we’re not talking about borrowing books from the library, but working hard to test out the new Kobo Glo! This e-reader just came out today and we pit it head to head against the previous generation Kobo Touch.

The essence of this video is to talk you through the subtle differences on a hardware and software level. Aside from the new Glo feature, there are small differences with both these units and we show you everything! We included collections, ebooks, PDF files, pictures,  and other media content. The Kobo store has different options with the new Kobo Glo, and we show you what they are and how you can tap into millions of free ebooks.

Since the Kobo Touch has been on the market for around eight months now, many people are wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the latest and greatest model. This video should give you all the information you need to decide whether you want the Glo or not.

Michael Kozlowski (5211 Posts)

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  • Guest

    Would like to know more about the browser functions between the two.

  • Blu Sparrow

    I just can’t believe you didn’t turn off the lights to really show the most important new feature – THE GLOW!  

  • Russ

    Great comparison, answered all the questions that I had.

  • http://www.facebook.com/reda.redman1 Reda Benmamma

    He actually did in another video

  • Tracey Cross

    Have the glo. Love it. I nearly gave up on ereaders. Owned four kindle paperwhites. All four had faulty screens and uneven light distribution. One screen was pink another blue. Got a refund and tried a work colleague’s kobo glo for a night. Loved it from the moment I turned it on. I went and bought one the next day. I have hundreds of ebooks on it now. Some sideloaded using adobe digital editions. The glo light is perfect battery lasts me a month. So if you read reviews saying it only last 2 weeks its not true. Plus I read mostly at night using light. Don’t listen to bad reviews about the kobo glo. It’s the best purchase I’ve made.

  • PunkyMarie

    Thank you! I was wondering which one I should buy. You’ve helped me make up my mind! :)