Reading Rainbow Funded with $6M Kickstarter Campaign


Because we love reading, we watched the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign very closely –so the news that the campaign surpassed their original goal of $1 million, rounded their revised aim of $5 million, and then grabbed the full $1 million in matching funding from Seth MacFarlane is especially exciting for us!

Plans for the considerable funding include bringing Reading Rainbow to the web, Android, consoles and OTT boxes; plus over 7500 subscriptions for classrooms in need so they might access the considerable literacy resources included in the program.

Were you meaning to donate (cleverly described by LeVar Burton as ‘engaging your compassion subroutine’), but didn’t get in before the deadline? It isn’t too late to pledge your financial support to this project and grab some of the great rewards they still have available.

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  • Jonah Emery

    So exciting. I hope this helps American literacy. Reading is so central to a free and open society. The ability to read sets us apart as civilized.