• Mex5150

    5.0 was running on the device when I bought it, glad I rooted and blocked OTA updates before 5.1.1 landed.

  • Be Bal

    It looks to me similiar as with google upgrade to lillipop few years ago. I had Nexus 7 (2012) tablet and as soon when “upgraded” tablet was so slow that unusable – they blamed on old processor at this time. so my went to the bin. Google didnt care about it. since then I returned to fire – my hdx is nice and fast.

  • Reader

    With similar results to the recent Kindle update that killed the Helvetica font- which Amazon fortunately fixed. It sounds as if Amazon is losing its mojo. Test, test, test: THEN you release.

  • EReader61 .

    My HDX 8.9 is gathering dust since I started using an iPad mini 2 for reading. Talking about solid. Immediate updates, no weird messages like: “swipe up to … something or other all the time, no more off-centre page lay-outs in some books, no more eye tearing glare.. No more appetizers I can’t buy.. Nicely filled Apple app store with apps I can actually download in Holland, I could even buy any Apple tablet not just the HD6 only on a good day.. I’m out.

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