Skype for the Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Released Soon

blackberry 10 skype

When it comes to the Blackberry Playbook and new Z10 BB10 phone, communication apps are sorely lacking. Most of the apps that can get you voice or video chatting are relegated to Android ports, such as Google Voice, Whatsapp, and others. We have good news today; Skype has confirmed that it is working on an Android port of the seminal voice, video, and text chatting app to have an official release within the next few weeks.

“We are excited about our plans to bring Skype to smartphones running the brand new BlackBerry 10 platform,” said Bob Rosin, VP & GM of Business Development for Microsoft’s Skype division. “We are working closely with BlackBerry to ensure Skype runs great on BlackBerry 10 devices. This will give BlackBerry 10 users a great Skype experience, including free voice and video calling, sending instant messages and text messages, sharing photos, videos and files, and calling to landlines and mobiles at Skype’s low rates.”

Right now, one of the early versions of Skype does run on the Playbook and BB10 phones, but it only does SMS text based chat. The company has verified it is NOT working on a native app, but it will be an Android port. There is no word yet if it will have an official Blackberry World listing, or if you can download it from the website. We know a couple thousand users that will raise their hands in celebration when it is finally available.

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  • prabh

    How can you say it’s getting released for pb. There is no mention of it from Skype.

  • Good E-Reader

    if its released as an android port for bb10, it will work on the playbook

  • Michael

    This just isn’t true. If they are making it work with the hub then they are introducing new code and taking out code. This if anything means it probably won’t work with PLAYBOOK until it gets BLACKBERRY10.

  • mercury51

    what is ‘the hub’?

    might google voice and video the google equivalent of Skype work with my pb which is beginning to look like a waste of money?

  • Andey


  • mercury51

    surely I’m old and don’t understand these things, which, to me, are magic.

  • mercury51

    yes, why not?

  • bro
    guys, till skype will come you can use this! it’s even better, work perfect on playbook and crossed platforms :) for video and voice calling .

  • mintik

    Maybe 2 year later :)

  • novel

    should be charged for falsely advertising skype on the playbook to begin with look at how long this took! SHAME! >:(

  • nick

    Don’t ever buy PlayBook. I have one . Can’t get apps to work with it. What a waste of money. Hope that the company with buy it back.. So I can buy a Samsung note .

  • Mike_Stokes1

    Yeah sure it will…just like Playbook was supposed to have Netflix a year ago. DO NOT BUY BB products they lie about support and their useless apps are all buggy..the battery on your Playbook will die in a year. I Their community support forum is staffed by RIM employees who claim they don’t work for RIm…nothing but smarmy responses to questions about problems.
    I have three BB products in my house…no more.

  • m_hj

    I agree with u, shame on blackberry company, shaaaaaame on blackbery company because of not supporting skype or messenger or other useful apps on their playbook, now I use my bbp just as a garbage, shame on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, shame on the designer and the companyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • TFM

    I feel lucky not to have had the problems some of you are sharing. I bought our Playbook almost two years ago and it is used by the whole family for email checking and internet diving at random times around home. It is also our vacation/travel computer. We really have not had any problems but would probably be considered light users, with only occasional work application usage, mostly Word. The killer features for us at the time we bought is that it can multi-task with several applications opened simultaneously, its 64 gigs of storage were affordable, its cameras’ pixel quality (at the time at least) were high and its sturdiness could withstand a teenager dropping it and bumping it around a few times. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it will continue to function well for us. So far we have no reason whatsoever to invest in another tablet.

  • Kayvan

    always blackberry after a few years , find out what do to do , i have playbook and blackberry phone , but i`m not buying blackberry again.