• John

    Amazon has the best price on the Fire TV – Get it here now! http://amzn.to/TPHo6G

  • Mori Bundi

    Where can I find the “recent revelation that Amazon is in talks to purchase big 5 publisher Simon and Schuster”?

  • Ebook Bargains UK

    Michael, why no link to this alleged recent revelation?

  • Jason

    Bogus story. They are in talks over ebook pricing not selling the company. Get facts straight.

  • Wendy Foster

    This is a mis-reading of the article on Digital Book World: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2014/report-simon-schuster-now-also-in-talks-with-amazon-joining-hachette/ discussing contract negotiations between Amazon and S & S.

  • Wendy Foster

    … I am also removing Good eReader from my newsfeed. Poor reporting and misinformation from an editor, particularly, is unacceptable.

  • They are currently in talks, CEO of S&S verified it.

    When i talked to Apple and Kobo about life after agency pricing they all told me they had to negotiate new contracts one by one and let a certain amount of time pass (normally six months) before they can sign a new contract with another publisher.

    Apple and Kobo both told me straight up that they can’t negotiate new publishing contracts at the same time, due to the DOJ settlement with Apple and the contracts the publishers signed for the out of court settlements. Likely Amazon is NOT discussing new eBook terms with two publishers at the same time, that would be insanity and extremely unlikely.

  • I have a few links to outside links including DBW, Reuters and others.

  • Amazon is NOT discussing new publishing contracts with two major publishers at the same time.

  • Mackey Chandler

    Owning S&S would be a conflict of interest – They are a distributor not a publisher. All the authors selling on Amazon retain their rights. If they become a publisher they will favor their own releases and there goes their relationship with authors not under contract to them. I doubt this would pass anti-trust review.

  • Andy Dunn

    Such as this link to a Reuters story that confirms Amazon is currently negotiating with S&S over book pricing?


    Or this one to the New York Post, which essentially reports Amazon is negotiating book pricing with S&S?


    Or this blog on the Wall Street Journal, reporting that S&S is currently negotiating their book pricing with Amazon?


  • CDR

    Are they discussing with Hachette? I thought Hachette closed off talks.

  • No they are on-going and like i said, the likelihood of two simultaneous contract negotiations are unlikely. I do have NEW information that the talks were about the new Kindle Unlimited Netlix for eBooks concept and Amazon wants CBS/S&S to contribute backlist-midlist titles to the platform to drum up support, Since Amazon and CBS get along quite well, this is far more likely than an acquisition.

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