• livinginhi70

    Thanks for your review.  I have been waiting for someone to do a review with regard to reading via books, magazines and primary comic books.  If I may ask you a question, in portrait mode for reading comic books can you still read the fonts?  I was thinking of purchasing either an iPad 4 or iPad mini primary reading comic books through Comixology and on occasion magazines through Zinio but the weight of the iPad 4 is a big factor for me.

  •  yeah, its fine. Its even better if you use the guided view technology in all the major comic book apps. I would go with the ipad 4 if you primarily read in the house, if you read anywhere else get the mini

  • livinginhi70

    Thanks for your input!

  • syriaccj

    why didn’t you mention the last generation cpu as a con?
    i felt a little stuttering with ios 6 on ipad 2.
    ipad 3 is kind of smooth but still stutters with ios 6.

    is the ibooks page turning animation and other such animations smooth? or does they fall behind?

    also do a full review even if you are concentrating on reading and you don’t like other aspects of the tablets. you will get better on full review over time.
    don’t limit just to reading.

  •  Well people read our reviews because they want to buy them to read with, other websites do a much better job then us talking about specs and showing all this other stuff like angry birds.

  • Added the unboxing video and review video!

  • Arie Hoeflak

    Your information is incorrect. You can buy and read as many Kindle books on your iPad as you like – you just have to purchase them through the amazon website, rather than through the app itself. 

  • Bothra Rajesh64

    for ereading, which one is better between iPad mini and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite? 

  •  I think the Paperwhite provides a better core reading experience. Its easier on the eyes for longer reading sessions. Battery Life is also around 2 months. The ipad Mini will allow you to do much more then read, but has distractions with all of apps, games movies, youtube. It has around a 10 HOUR battery life.

  • Would you be kind enough to do a review of both KIndle Fire/ Paperwhite vs iPad mini solely base on reading experience and perhaps movies

  • One last question, as of today(December 2012), what would your ULTIMATE eReader on the market be?

  • It’s not clear to me if you are stating that you cannot buy ebooks from major shops like Amazon, and read them on your iPad. I do this everyday. Purchases are done through the web page of the shop (either on the Mac or the iPad), and the files are immediately downloaded to the ereader of choice (in case of Amazon, the book is downloaded both to the Mac Kindle and the iPad Kindle application).

    And, please, do no suggest that pirating apps is an advantage of Android. With the low cost of apps, this would simply be ridiculous (apart for being illegal and immoral).

  •  We were stating that one of the reasons IOS gets first party support, is because IOS is a very secure system. This is why most major developers will release on IOS first. There is many reports from major developers, indie studios on how Android is the most pirated platform in the world.

  • For sure iPad Mini is ahead with such features http://www.cellcom.ca/en/ipad-mini-3

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