• cdnrailfan

    lol anything is better than a kobo vox… i almost bought one good thing i did my homework on that one and skipped it,

  • Michael Kozlowski

    it was terrible. We all thought at the time, it was the end of Kobo’s hardware division with a product like that. even at the time, it was woeful in terms of hardware.

  • Sangeeta Walia-Chopra

    Yeah Kobo had a slow start to tablets, but looking at the recent line up, you can tell they’ve come a long way since those days. I love my Kobo Arc 10HD I just got. It’s fast and the new user interface is cool. I love the fact that kobo doesn’t lock out 90% of apps from Google Play App Store like the Kindle tablet OS. Kobo’s just putting a skin on Android for readers and to help organize. The design is modern too.

  • cdnrailfan

    oh yeah, i love my arc7hd, pretty good device for the money

  • Ashley

    Do you know if there is a way to access Reading Life stats? That’s a feature I really liked in my old kobo. Also, is there a way to see what page you are into a book as opposed to just the page within the chapter?

  • Rachel

    Unfortunately Kobo says that it is something that is missing (minus seeing the notifications) and that they are going to put back in the future. It will be on the home page that looks all cluttered right now.

  • pedro


  • pedro

    you cannot purchase magazine subscriptions with a kobo gift card. You can purchase a single copy at 7 times the sub price but you cannot even put the card on your account and then use the remainder to buy the subscription…….. really poorly thought out process. If your going to publish this material then billing thru kobo would be the smart thing to do not have the magazines bill you on your credit card. Also my arc hd 7 has been showing signs of the video card going south… lines shoot vertically at almost imperceptible speed thru the screen when reading books, watching movies or running apps. Next point: the sound or lack of it is woeful and i have to use a beats pill for any kind of sound…. the kobo arc i have has much better sound and uses far less battery. overall rating kobo arc 8.5 out of 10, Kobo arc 7 HD…. so far just a 7 out of 10. great resolution but not enough to warrant the battery usage.

  • pedro

    and theres no “on the go” capability… too bad but they need to upgrade the OS to kitkat (4.4) right now, they said there would be a new OS last year and its still down level………… get moving kobo! you have android in the palm of your hand and your letting it slip away…. if my phone can run kitkat why cant this thing?

  • pedro

    the usb port is used for ON THE GO in just about every other device including the kindle fire HDX which allows the use of usb thumbdrives to be rooted and used as expanded storage…. there are many areas that kobo needs to address and include…. these are really not just ereaders they are or can be fully functioning tablet computers

  • peacemaker

    Is there a way to listen to kindle audio books on kobo arc 7? Thanks

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