• imnotanerd

    This sounds disappointing. I hope the Arc 10HD does better. 🙁

  • Patrick Li

    It is quit easy to change the font size…

  • Chantal

    Will you do a comparison Kobo Arc 7HD vs Nexus 7 (2013)? I would like to buy either one of these. I am into reading and watching movies and want to do that also outside. The Nexus seems to have a very reflecting screen, how about the Arc?

  • I can’t figure out if this was posted in 2012 or 2013. The date at the
    top only gives the month and the day. If it is from 2013 I can assume
    that there is no pdf as the review says but if it is from 2012 there might have been some changes made.

  • A

    I recently returned my Kobo Arc 7 HD and it was horrible! The battery is supposed to last 12 hours and yet WITHOUT WIFI my battery lasted 1 hour…

  • gregrrr

    you obviously had a dud. mine is on standby for 2 days now, and the battery drops by around 9% every 24hrs (standby, screen off, wifi off). i’m guessing that purely standby (screen off) it should make it a week, which is 168 hours. maybe more.

  • kobo gringe

    my battery lasts 1 hour too and it overheats like hell. maybe that’s why it’s $99 off this christmas

  • al

    Yes, mine too, the overheat issue is a big problem for this, it can hit about 14000 in antutu benchmark, which is not bad, but when I play HD movie with the MX player useing the software decoded, ( if you use hardware decode it won’t use CPU peformance too much, but in this case I do it on purposes cause I want to try how good is this one)
    after a while, maybe 20 minutes…. it overheated and the CPU automatic lower the running speed to about 0.8 (normal it can hit to 1.7 , it is terga 3 CPU), the bad thing is the HD movie begin to lag, …. I didn’t even notice about the temp problem until I saw the lags on screen …. I have a 2 core mtk tablet that can play the movie smoothly… Well what can I say… Cheap price come with another price you have pay, return it on the next day:-)

  • al

    Just want to clear things up, I later got a kobo arc 10hd, and do the same thing as I did on the 7hd, ……well this the time everything went smoothly…. No heat al all, just normal temp….. So I keep the 10 HD:-)

  • LaurieLou

    In Canada, I am new to talking audio books and I love them. I really like them to fall a sleep with. I am new to audio books but I wondered if someone can recommend a good place to purchase some? The only ones I founds, here at the library… sometimes I want to buy them. (We also have a he Kindle but sadly, we can’t purchase audio books from Canada 🙁 )

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