Kobo Will Never Make a Color e-Reader


Kobo has verified that they will not employ color technology on any of their dedicated e-paper e-readers.  Michael Tamblyn the President of Kobo said that color screens and interactive features would continue "on the tablet and app side", which now accounts for half of Kobo's business. Color … [Read more...]

Twitter Advice for Indie Authors


Indie authors often make the cardinal sin of promoting their latest book and nothing else. Most authors see Twitter as a vehicle to drive sales to whatever new title they are hawking instead of a social media community that builds brand loyalty.The most successful authors often have a Twitter … [Read more...]

Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 Available Soon


Pocketbook has a new e-reader that they will be officially releasing in the next few weeks. It is called the Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 and the key selling point is that it employs e-ink Carta. This is the same e-paper technology that makes the Kindle Voyage so great. A German e-commerce website … [Read more...]

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