The People’s E-Book Gets Funded on Kickstarter


This is really great! A Kickstarter project called The People's E-Book needed $20K to fund  an ebook creation platform for artists, authors, and alternative presses who want to try new things, publish new books, and push into new territories. The People's E-Book will handle ebooks of all sizes and … [Read more...]

eBook Challenges in Japan


An article in is entitled "Why Japanese readers don't like ebooks" is a bit silly. It correctly states that ebook adoption in Japan is fairly low, but then it somehow equates the fact that publishers in Japan have produced very few ebooks with the fact that readers aren't reading ebooks. … [Read more...]

eBooks vs. Web Apps for Interactive Content


Bill McCoy of the IDPF and Sanders Kleinfeld of O'Reilly discussed whether web apps or an ebook format was better for publishers.  McCoy pointed out that publishers needed to scale and they were in the business of making multiple titles.  Because of this they need tools that will scale with the … [Read more...]

The Elusive “Netfix of eBooks”


Travis Alber of Read Social moderated a session on ebook subscription services.  Included were Christian Damke of the German company Skoobe, Justo Hidalgo of the Spanish company 24Symbols, and Liza Daly of Safari Online. All three said there is a definite market for a "Netflix" of books and … [Read more...]

Tools of Change – Booksellers and Change


Oren Teicher, American Booksellers Association. Booksellers represent a combination of the old and the new. ABA is the trade association of the independent bookstores and was founded in 1900. Independent bookselling has changed a lot in 15 years and is seeing a reniassance in the US with an 8% … [Read more...]

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