Censoring Indie Authors

Image via cultofmac.com

With so much attention focused on the US when it comes to self-publishing, it's easy to forget that this is a worldwide indie author movement, and that companies like Kobo are connecting readers across the globe, making it possible for a reader in Denmark to enjoy a work of science fiction written … [Read more...]

Kobo Unveils Digital Writing Contest


Kobo has just unveiled a new literary prize to celebrate the digital works by Canadian authors. The annual award is created for debut authors in three categories: Literary Fiction, Genre Fiction, Mystery and Non-Fiction. Each winning author will be awarded a $10,000 CAD cash prize as well as … [Read more...]

New Kobo e-Reader to Have a Wacom Display


Sony was legendary in the e-reader business because the vast majority of their e-readers had touchscreen displays and came with a stylus. This appealed not only to casual readers, but people who needed to make highlights and annotations with pinpoint precision. Now that Sony has exited the consumer … [Read more...]