Bookeen’s Latest Offering – The Cybook Opus

Cybook Opus is the latest e-book reading device from the company that has been pioneering the e-book reader market since 1998. At just 5.3 ounce, this e-reader from Bookeen is one of the lightest e-readers in the market. It sports extremely compact dimensions that lives up to its tag line of being pocket sized and can indeed be snuggled inside your pocket. However, its miniscule size does not come in the way of it storing over 1000 e-books in the 1GB internal memory that it comes equipped with.

The screen makes up the complete device and Cybook Opus excels in this department. It comes with an ePaper screen with an impressive 200 dpi resolution. This results in high contrast display that looks exactly like a real paper. Cybook Opus also boasts of extra long battery life with the usage of eInk technology. It also has an accelerometer which detects orientation automatically and switches over from portrait to landscape mode automatically. All this and many more makes the Cybook Opus the perfect electronic reading gadget.

With this e-reader, one can read free classical books in HTML, PDF, EPUB or TXT formats. Cybook Opus also supports AdobeTM secured format like EPUB or PDF. What this means is that users have access to over 200,000 contemporary titles from scores of publishing houses like Random House, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Harlequin etc. And the list of available catalogues is ever increasing with several hundred titles getting added every month. The cost of the digital version of books is also about 20 to 50 percent less costly than the printed version.

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