• Jon

    Does this model have auto brightness function?

  • No, just the Aura One does. This reader does not have a light sensor.

  • Adam McFarland

    Why would someone buy this model over the Kobo Glo HD? The HD has the higher 300 PPI resolution.
    Is the light on this model better than the Glo HD? What about the build quality? I found the Glo HD felt a bit flimsy.

  • build quality is significantly higher with this device than prior models, excluding the Aura

  • Lenn Vilardi

    and if you exclude the build quality which display is better ? the frontlight ?

  • James Seger

    “I think Kobo really needs to make their own font…” They already did. It’s called Kobo Nickel. I think it was released in… 2014?

  • DSpaceNine

    I’m disappointed it doesn’t have a flush screen like my Voyage but I’ll try to look past that. I’ve just gotten used to no shadows being cast on the margins. Also missing are a 300dpi screen and an ambient light sensor for auto-brightness. I’m looking to upgrade from my Kobo Aura HD, but it strikes me Kobo hasn’t gone far enough with this update.They need to outdo the Kindle, and this new entry is just so-so. Dang.

  • Peter from Oz

    I wonder why Kobo have moved away from the no-bezel design of the Aura. That is the thing that makes the Aura the best ereader I’ve used.

  • twenty_fifth_night

    I’m guessing because they wanted to switch back to the infrared method of user control. Maybe it’s cheaper?

  • disquswithme

    Just got this eReader. Not sure if it’s just me, but I noticed the sleep cover doesn’t necessarily force the eBook to shut off all the time….

  • Raquel

    I just bought this new unit since I lost my old H2O three days ago… and I stick with Kobo mainly because I don’t agree with Amazon’s business practices and I am already locked into Kobo’s system.

    The quality of e-reader software is the same as the other units. Rate of response is the same as all the Kobo units… somewhat slow. The hardware though is tasteful and aesthetic, beautifully done. They’ve put thought into the design and I do like it for a middle-range e-reader that is great for my transit treks. As much as I missed my H2O, I also found it heavier and cumbersome for my small hands lol.

    Now, if only they made the Aura One in a 6″ size, I would be in heaven!

  • lucio_b

    Why do you suggest to buy the Kindle… We are here because we want EPUBs!!

  • Sir Loyne

    “There is 4 GB of internal memory and with no option to enhance it via an SD card for your average user. I think that the low capacity storage will likely be a deal breaker for most people.”
    So just like every single Amazon ereader, then.

    “Most e-readers these days have at least 8 GB of memory…”
    Really? Other than the Kobo Aura One, name another one.

  • neodragon

    Only 4GB isn’t enough for must people? If you only store ePub novels rather than complex pdfs, that’s enough for thousands of books!

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