How to Access the Hidden Internet Browser on Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Exclusive Video Tutorial! Today we are going to show you how to access the hidden internet web browser found in the new Barnes and Noble Simple Touch with Glowlight! The method used in this video is quite different from the previous generation Nook Simple Touch.

In order to start browsing the internet and viewing e-ink photos of cats with funny captions or whatever else you do online, you need to setup your WiFi. Once you have connected to your local network you need to access the SETTINGS menu. Select Social next and then click on Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Accounts. We are mainly concerned with the 3rd option which says “Link your Google Account” and then click on Forget Password. When you select this option a small HOME button appears on the very bottom of your navigation bar. Once you click on that you are greeted by the Google Search Bar and you can now slowly browse the internet.

Michael Kozlowski (5214 Posts)

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  • Dicson Leung

    Thanks, this is a cool trick :)

    BTW, can we download epub directly from this?

  • Jordanmcclure1994

    This works with the normal simple touch without glowlight also.

  • steve walker

    can you put the nook simple touch with glowlight into landscape orientation ?

  • Redonn Grant

    So you can search any web sites? was thinking to buy one for my mom

  • liz

    Neat trick! But there doesn’t seem to be any back button function?

  • Drew Schenck

    Love to read on my new Nook but guess I am going to upgrade to the Kindle since it is locking me out of web browsing. Would love to read my emails on it…

  • cindee

    Is it really that slow? you hit a selection and it never did go to that site while you were still talking?
    I’m having trouble with a simple Nook too.

  • char

    Mine does not say “cannot access your account” under sing in

  • Niven Roberts

    mine does not say cannot access your account when trying to get browsing on my nook