• Dicson Leung

    Thanks, this is a cool trick 🙂

    BTW, can we download epub directly from this?

  • Jordanmcclure1994

    This works with the normal simple touch without glowlight also.

  • steve walker

    can you put the nook simple touch with glowlight into landscape orientation ?

  • So you can search any web sites? was thinking to buy one for my mom

  • liz

    Neat trick! But there doesn’t seem to be any back button function?

  • Love to read on my new Nook but guess I am going to upgrade to the Kindle since it is locking me out of web browsing. Would love to read my emails on it…

  • cindee

    Is it really that slow? you hit a selection and it never did go to that site while you were still talking?
    I’m having trouble with a simple Nook too.

  • char

    Mine does not say “cannot access your account” under sing in

  • Niven Roberts

    mine does not say cannot access your account when trying to get browsing on my nook

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