Sony PRS-T2 Pre-Orders Available at Shop e-Readers

Sony is going to be releasing its new flagship e-reader within the coming weeks and it should revitalize its digital reading lineup. The company has invested significant money in launching their European ebook store and changing the web design company wide. The next e-reader seeks to be competitive with their hardware and still providing a robust experience. The main selling feature is the inclusion of Overdrive to let people borrow library books right onto the Sony reader. The second major factor is the strong PDF support for reflow and augmenting the viewing experience. Word has it that one of the main new features is the inclusion of EPUB 3 support, which will help Sony compete in the Asian markets. EPUB 3 will allow for complex symbols and strong Japanese language support. Shop e-Readers is the first company we know that are offering pre-orders and will ship to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Michael Kozlowski (5224 Posts)

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