An iPad for $100 Less

The iPad is one tablet that Apple never had any trouble selling. Rather, just the opposite; Apple has had trouble ensuring there are enough iPads to satisfy an ever growing consumer list. Also, Apple has never had to dole out cash incentives or discounts to push sales of the iPad, though it is doing so now. The California based company is offering a cash discount of $100 to those who opt for the first gen iPad (the refurbished type). The first gen iPad has long been replaced by an even better iPad 2 and we already are talking about the third iteration of the iPad series. However, all of these can’t undermine the brilliance of the original iPad, which even now can beat many an Android tablet currently on offer. What this means is that picking up the original iPad still makes a lot of sense, more so since there is a $100 discount to be availed of.

The current prices post the price reduction stands like this:

64 GB WiFi version – $399
32 GB WiFi + 3G version – $399
64 GB WiFI + 3G version – $499

The prices should appeal to those who are looking for a cheap tablet but with a solid performance, as the A4 processor powering the original iPad is genuinely fast even with a single core. Couple this with the recent release of iOS 5 and the incentives are even greater. For the latest iOS version has some great new features to offer which include iCloud, new multi-touch gestures, or a split virtual keyboard.

The iPads are available for a limited time period. The strategy that Apple has applied could possibly be to preempt some of the competition that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is going to give. The Apple devices, as per what is being announced would, come with a 1-year warranty and a new battery as well as outer shell.

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  • Ryno Bones

    If this was what the price went to after the iPad2 FIRST came out, it would be a good deal.  I can’t believe people will pay such exorbitant prices for essentially antique technology.  I’m not going to go back to an old Motorola Razr just because it’s on sale..I’ll just get the $29 phone deal from the carrier and have a fairly current phone with myriad features.  The only thing these iPads have going for them over current generation Android tablets is the memory.  I’d love 64GB of storage on my device…I must admit that is pretty awesome.