Samsung Rumored to Launch Galaxy Pro Line of Tablets During Valentines Weekend


Samsung may have something special this coming Valentine’s weekend. While nothing is set in stone yet, it is being hotly speculated that Samsung might launch the Pro versions of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab that the company recently showcased at the CES event earlier this month. Samsung released an internal memo stating all requests for paid time offs on 14th, 15th, and 16th February won’t be granted in view of an “exciting launch announcement” that the company has lined up during that period.

As for the tablets, the Galaxy Tab Pro in 8.4, 10.1, and 12.2 inch are expected to be released, as is the 12.2 inch Galaxy Note Pro. The company’s new generation tablet offerings with the larger versions are targeted squarely at the enterprise segment or for other professional uses. The tablets did impress with the overall quality, performance, and build, with the larger ones being surprisingly light, easy to hold, and operate even with one hand.

However, price could still be an important consideration. The cheapest of the lot, the Galaxy Tab 8.4, starts at $389 for the Wi-Fi only configuration. Similarly, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE is the costliest, priced at $849, still cheaper than the LTE capable iPad Air with 128 GB onboard at $929. In comparison, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE offers a larger display, stylus support, and better functionality. However, it is only available in 32/64 GB configuration but offers micro SD card support. Worth mentioning here, the Surface Pro 2 with 64 GB onboard comes for $899.

Meanwhile, here is the price structure of the Pro line of Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note tablet devices.

Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4, Wi-Fi: $389

Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4, LTE: $519

Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1, Wi-Fi: $479

Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1 LTE: $609

Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2, Wi-Fi: $649

Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2, LTE: $749

Galaxy Note PRO 12.2, Wi-Fi: $749

Galaxy Note PRO 12.2, LTE: $849

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  • jmnsnow

    It’s not only about price but also operating systems. Some people are more comfortable using IOS, Android, Win8, etal and it really does make a difference on many levels and reasons.

  • joel

    Where did you receive your pricing info or is it speculation?

  • JBiz

    You realize that € and $ are not the same right? LOL. C’mon, you had one job, to copy the same info everyone else was, and you went the extra step of changing Euro to dollar then comparing the price to the surface pro 2…..