• gail scudder

    Your disgust of indie writers is insulting on so many levels. You are also misguided in your analyses of people who choose to self-publish, but I would not waste my time explaining all this to a snob.

    Your admiration for authors of note is also misguided; case in point: James Patterson, who writes 20 percent of his books, yet has the audacity to claim authorship of the other 80 percent, and which, by the way, in my opinion, are not even worth the paper on which they are printed, And then there is the Mary Higgins Clark junk that she has now passed on to her daughter so she has something to do with her time. Should her daughter be considered a true author?

    I have been a journalist for more than 20 years, paid my dues, and I really resent your remarks. I have published one book, I am on the final draft of a biography of a well-known hotelier, and I have a novel based on a real-life crime in the works. I also do my own research and do not have a stable of writers and researchers at my disposal.

    In addition, you seem to forget that publishers are having trouble staying afloat and are limited in what they can accept. Also, the restrictions on ownership and the royalties they offer are not attractive enough after all the hard work involved in producing a finished product. Since most publishers will not accept work that is submitted to multiple publishers, your work is in limbo for months.

    Many new authors, oh, forgive me, writers, could not fulfill their desire to be published without publishing on their own, and I believe that people should be encouraged to follow their dream whatever it is. Putting people down because they don’t meet your self-inflated criteria only makes you look small-minded and actually, rather ignorant. While you are slamming them, they have accomplished their dream. Is it your dream to slam people? Not much of a worthwhile dream, is it?

    Making money by putting people down doesn’t seem like a very ethical or altruistic career to me either, but if that is the best you can do, well….

  • I think you are commenting on the wrong article?

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