Gen3 From Cybooks – A Future E-Reader

A single navigation key and two buttons is all that makes the user interface of the Gen3, the latest e-reader from Cybooks. The device has a range of unique features which gives the impression that the makers had the future of the entire mobile gadget in mind while designing this device. The device is extremely thin, fully portable and light weight. The display puts the minimum strain on your eyes, thanks to the real paper like display that works incrediblt well under an array of lighting conditions and does not produce the least of glare or flickering.

The first unique feature to hit you of this innovative e-reader is its screen. Using the latest Vizplex e-Ink technology, the 6 inch screen features far better screen contrast than e-ink, a technology which is quickly nearing obsolescence. As a result, what you have is a display that does not produce the least of glare or flickering, and hence is soothing to the eyes.

booken gen3

The file formats that it is compatible with include TXT, HTML, PalmDoc, and PDF. It can also download Mobipocket e-books of which it can store a 1000 of them. In fact, this encrypted scheme allows Gen3 users access to huge volumes of copyrighted e-books that are available across the net.

Battery life is also extra long with about 2 months of life cycle and about 8000 page flip between charges under normal usage conditions.

Even its weight of 6.13 oz is as unique as its slim looks. It is even lighter than the new e-reader from Sony – the PRS 505 – by about 3 ounces.

And in spite of there being just one navigation key and two buttons, the Gen3 is amazingly quick and simple to use. In fact, the Gen3’s highly responsive and advanced user interface enables one to perform a whole host of possible actions easily, all of which take less than a second to accomplish.

With the features of eNews and RSS feed ability installed, this device completes its futuristic definition.

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booken gen 3

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