Good e-Reader Android App Store Client Updated to Beta 2

We have just finished the upgrades on our Good e-Reader Android App Store Client today, which bring it to Beta 2. This new update introduces a slew of new enhancements that are sure to impress.

Today we rolled out push notifications for apps you have installed! This gives you an indication if new versions of our applications are available and prompts you to install them. Also, we have added a new commenting feature to give you the ability to talk to other people about a particular app. If you love the app you downloaded, let us know! There is the ability to now rate the app from 1 to 5 stars, which should help promote only the best ones. In order to comment and rate we have made a new login/signup system, which is very easy, and we are integrating Facebook and Twitter connections to make the process even easier in our next update. Finally, the settings menu gives you new options.

If you are coming in cold, we have developed a new Android App Store that caters specifically to the reader in us. We have the largest selection of any app store in the world for comics, newspaper, and e-reading applications for the Android platform. We live and breathe e-readers, and know the types of apps that everyone wants on their device, so we want to make your life easier! All of our apps are FREE and are easy to download using our new Client or visiting the store using your tablet or phone’s internet browser.

Download the new App Store Client HERE or just checkout the Web Version HERE.

Michael Kozlowski (5220 Posts)

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