• IronMac

    Very nice review! Its closest competitor is the Kindle Touch model and both of them have enough elements over the other that it makes it very difficult to decide which one to get.

    OTOH, if you’re not a US resident, the Kindle Touch is really out of the running at the moment.

  • Mrkno2

    how do i sync my t1 to my adobe?

  • Nards Barley


    Does that browser allow you to pinch to zoom, followed by a double-tap, in order to reflow the text? In other words, can I resize the text and reflow it to fit the width of the screen, like I can do with my default Android browser if the correct setting is checked?


  • It seems right now Digital Editions did not incorporate the Sony T1 yet into its list of supported devices, this may change soon

  • It does not work with a double tap but if you long press it the bigger text reflows properly! Does not work with pictures but only text.

  • Gabriel

    Thanks for a great review! 🙂

    One question about the way it handles pdfs, since that is a very important issue for me: Did you try it out with many pdfs? Other reviews that I’ve read, and comments from people who’ve bought it, say that it actually handles pdfs very well… Since it can crop pdfs, and zoom in. Anyway, would love to hear your opinion on this:)

  • PRS T1 was not first Android e-ink device. Nook Simple Touch Reader runs android 2.1, and can be rooted to have full access, etc.

  • Yes. All Nook e-Readers run Android, I meant this was the first Android e-reader FROM Sony. In the past they have used Linux as the main OS

  • Glad to see the page reflecting that.

  • Lowhongsang79


    Thanks for the review. Does Sony T1 handle Library from Asia? With android, i could borrow books from local library in Singapore using the Overdrive app…would Sony T1 be able to do that? since it is also using overdrive. Secondly, does the reader handle .doc, .docs, .rtf, .txt,.xls,xlsx and ppt, pptx?

    Lastly, international reader include periodicals as well?


  • Megchau

    Hullo, your review was very helpful, I feel like I know almost everything I need to know before I decide whether this ereader is for me or not.
    However, like Gabriel below there is one crucial piece of information I need to know and I was wondering whether you might be able to help:
    Sony is my primary choice specifically because it’s supposed to be the best with the Adobe pdf format. I’m buying the ebook reader specifically because I have a lots of books as pdfs which I read for work. 
    I have always used Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro because I need the comment on/highlight options that Pro offers even to pdfs composed of text pages as images thus turning them searchable.
    I need to know before I can buy the Sony T1 whether it supports acrobat PRO or whether its inbuilt acrobat reader already has the comment on and highlight options. 
    I would be really grateful if you could maybe check out how it works with pdfs specifically? Thanks so very much. 

  • Right now the Overdrive List on Sony is limited to Canada, UK, Ireland and USA.

    For eBook formats it supports EPUB, PDF, TXT.

  • It reads PDF’s for sure! I will film a video today and post it up and link to you so you can checkout how PDF books; look, work, edit, and everything else! If a PDF can do something on the Sony T1, I will film how it looks and functions!

  • Hey Gabriel. We will film a new video today and post it up on how the T1 handles PDF, so you can see for yourself! 🙂

  • IronMac

    Would you have access to a pdf version of the Globe and Mail newspaper? That’s one of the biggest reasons why I am thinking of getting this e-reader. I’m pretty sure that the Sony can handle text books and so on but the Globe and Mail pdf is a big beast with multiple columns.

    If you do not have access to one and would like to try it out for your review, email me. I think my email is in the comment submission form. Cheers!

  • IronMac

    Also, note that Sony Singapore does not sell e-readers and they have no idea if they ever will.

  • You can purchase it from http://www.shopereaders.com and they ship to your country

  • We will take out a subscription to them and put it in your next review.

  • Guest

    Hopefully your video will demonstrate a PDF with a complex layout that has both text and images with some pages having multiple columns etc.. Maybe like a college textbook would have. 

    Personally I am skeptical about reading anything but  pdfs with simple structures on this device where the text can be reflowed.  I bought a 10 inch tablet with an LCD screen for reading PDFs. While I would prefer E-ink, until somebody makes one that has good performance, it will have to suffice.

  • IronMac

    Or I can email an old issue to you.

  • Well if you have something in particular that would meet your desires you can email us a PDF with complex layout, so you will be happy with our video.

  • That is fine, send it over. You can use michael@goodereader.com

  • Guest

    Thanks. I am sure whatever file you use will be fine.  I mainly wanted to make the point that i think that somebody needs to make an Android-based e-ink reader with at least a single core 1ghz processor, 512k ram,  and  a 10″ or larger display size.

  • IronMac

    That is going to be too costly and too large for the majority of people. Why else is everyone racing to bring out their 6-inchers or less?

    I’ve just sent over a link to Goodereader to have a look at a pdf edition of the Globe and Mail. The pdf is the full edition of the newspaper with all of the pictures, graphics and text along with multiple columns, headers and footers. It can be read on the new Kindle that just came out but my contact says that it took quite a bit of zooming around. I think that the reading experience will be greatly improved on an e-reader with touch gestures.

    Can’t wait for the video!

  • Guest

    If 10″ is too big, then you need to tell that to the Philadelphia Media Network:

    They will be made once the economies of scale improve. I see people at the MobileRead forum expressing a desire for this size all the time. The problem with smaller sizes is unless you can reflow the text, which often screws up the formatting, then you have to scroll horizontally to read at certain font sizes.

  • IronMac

    I think it’s unlikely that you will ever get such economies of scale. The majority of e-reader customers are not there to lug around a 10″ e-reader; once you get to that point then you might as well buy a tablet.

  • Guest

    They are already being made. However, they are underwhelming in their performance and reviews, so I haven’t purchased one.

    There are plenty of people willing to spend 300-400 on an 10″ Eink Reader that handles pdfs well because of the superior reading experience and battery life.

    Have you tried the 7″ SONY 950 for reading PDFs? I have and I found it inadequate. Why do you expect this new one to be superior?

  • IronMac

    I never said that they were not being made, just that I don’t think they will be made in the numbers that are going to be needed to achieve economies of scale. Look at the Kindle DX, you would think that with Amazon’s sales of that product that the price would come down but it’s still almost $400! You certainly don’t see the DX as being in the mainstream even after over a year since its introduction.

    As for spending up to $400 for an 10″ e-reader, at that point you might as well buy an iPad which handles PDFs perfectly well and does a lot more besides. I know because I have an iPad 2 here.

    As for my expectations, I only hope that this Sony e-reader does a good enough job. I’ve tried to read the Globe’s PDFs on my iPhone 4 and while it can be done the zooming in and out is a real pain. If this e-reader cuts down on that, then, that’s great.

    Now, you may ask why I don’t use the iPad 2 for PDFs, I can but it’s pretty heavy and bulkyish.

  • Guest

    As I said in an earlier comment, I already own a 10″ Android tablet. I use an an app called EZ-PDF. It is great for reading PDFs and for highlight and making notes.  However, I don’t like reading for an extended period of time on LCD screens, and I don’t like charging it every day.

    The Ereader and tablet industry is in its infancy.  The demand exists for a quality e-ink, note taking device, but the technology is still lacking. Most pdfs are created with the intention that they be rendered on 8.5×11 paper. Therefore, it is only natural that a device with a display that mirrors that experience be created. A 6″ screen does not cut it. It is only a matter of time before one is available a 10″ size that performs well.

  • IronMac

    You’re ignoring the Kindle DX example. It’s got the e-ink technology you’re talking about in a 10″ package and I am guessing that it has all the functionality of a Kindle.

    But! Amazon apparently is not selling enough of it to: A) Update it with a new form factor as it has with the smaller Kindles and B) bring the price down. In fact, it’s not even part of the Kindle lineup on the Amazon site when you click on their “Buy a Kindle” link.


    I agree that it would be nice to have a 10″ e-ink e-reader but I doubt that the price is going to come down anytime soon to something like $200. It may take 2-4 years before that happens.

    In the meantime, we are really only left with tablets such as the iPad and smaller e-readers such as the T1 and Kindles.

  • Guest

    Okay, let’s take the example of the Kindle DX. It is a fine device for reading Mobi files, which are largely text files without much structure to them.  I would not buy the Kindle Dx for reading Mobi files, even if it cost $200. I find reading is much preferable on a smaller device, not just because it is lighter to hold, but because it is more comfortable to read on a smaller display.  I considered buying the Kindle DX for reading PDFs on, but many people were panning its capabilities in that area.  I am  not going to spend $400 on an inadequate pdf reader that I have no desire to read Mobi files on.

    Also, I think it was expected that the KindleDX would be popular in the business segment, but I don’t think that has been the case.  People in business are much more productive with either a laptop or a Tablet Computer. 

  • IronMac

    Well, then, if you’re not going to spend $400 or even $200 for an e-ink e-reader with somewhat inadequate PDF reading capability (I also looked at the DX for PDFs) then how is the industry going to get the economies of scale needed to bring out a great 10″ e-ink PDF reader at a price of $200? Someone has to pay for it or it’s not going to happen.

    Tablets themselves are having a race to the bottom in terms of price, look at the Kindle Fire or Lenovo A1. Yes, they are smaller than 10″ but they are symptomatic of this industry. Price reductions will happen in the 10″ tablet segment.

    You combine 10″ tablet price reductions against Kindle DX sized e-readers whose prices are not falling as fast and you are going to see a collision in the marketplace. I would forecast that it’s more likely that we will see 10″ tablets pricing out 10″ PDF e-readers in the not-too-soon future. I don’t really see a future for the latter.

    Look at yourself, you ended up with a tablet instead of the Kindle DX. 

  • Hey Guys! Don’t mean to butt in, but we have reviewed over 40 e-readers in 2011 and there is one thing we know.. If you want a e-ink device to handle PDF Files you really need a 9 inch + device. The Kindle DX, Pocketbook 902/903 really make PDF’s shine. Smaller devices suffer from lacklustre resolution and rendering.

    On a side note: We have completed our videos on how PDF magazines and newspapers look on the T1. We purchased a few from the Sony Store and used some PDF books sent to us via email so you could check this out in 3 or 4 hours once its done rendering and uploading! We shot it in 1080P and this is the first time I am shooting at home and using my new studio lights!! So far, everything looks great!

    To summarize on the experience if you cant wait for the video. PDF books, don’t look that great on the Sony PRS-T1. We received a newspaper and it looks TERRIBLE! Nothing we did, pinch and zoom, changing the layout, increasing the font helped out all. I also tried loading in a simple PDF, the DUNGEONS MASTER GUIDE FOR DND!! (GEEK) and it looked REALLY good, but suffered from Refresh issues when you turned each page. You litterary had to wait 15 seconds for the page to turn.

    Magazines and Newspapers purchased from the Sony Store, look AMAZING!! From what I understand from the process talking with magazine guys like Zinio is that the companies who own stores give tools to their publishing partners or accept the INDESIGN documents the magazines or newspapers are designed with. Using special tools they conform the documents for their specific platform. For Sony, they convert existing stuff to their e-reader with money results.

    Check out the videos soon in another post we are putting up and we will link to them in this review for you all to check out.

    PS. We also filmed a video on how to borrow library books using the library app on the T1, incase anyone is wondering how to do it.

  • Guest

    Last comment. I expect within 9 months I will see a 10″ e-ink device that will meet my expectations.  I previously owned a 6″ Nook Simple Touch (e-ink) that I rooted and installed EZ-PDF, which is the same app that I use on my 10″ tablet.  It was serviceable, but not something I would want to rely on to read pdfs each day.

  • IronMac

    I guess we will have to see. 

    Frankly, for $200 in this economy, a 7″ tablet such as the Lenovo A1 or Kindle Fire might be the best choice for a PDF reader. Hey, I make do with a 3.5″ iPhone 4 if need be when it comes to that newspaper that GoodEreader is talking about!

  • Guest

    A 7″ tablet like the Kindle fire would clearly perform well running eZ-PDF when held in landscape position. However for my personal tastes, the text in many pdfs, will not enlarge enough to avoid horizontal panning. Unless of course, you reflow the text, which screws up the formatting in many cases.

    I base that on personal experience having owned an Archos 70 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″.


  • Guest

    Thanks for the update.

    Oh, I also wanted to make the point that it is important to distinguish between when you are using a file that is strictly images and files that may be a mix of text and images. Also, it is helpful to know the size of the PDF file, because obviously one would expect performance to be worse on larger files than smaller ones.

  • Sam

    Fantastic review! I have another question? Psr-t1 can show cyrillic? Could you test it pls.? Thank you very much..
    Greetzz. Sam.

  • tcc

    Hi, I live in Costa Rica and I’m wondering if web browsing with the sony e-reader will actually work here ’cause I really want to buy one! Also I have a question, can I download ebooks not from the reader store to my computer and then put them in the device via micro sd card or via usb cable? 

  • Marcela


    I saw the video review last night – this looks like one nifty reader!  However, I think the problems with it reading PDFs may have more to do with the documents, rather than the reader.

    This review http://www.the-ebook-reader.com/reader-wifi.html  tested PDFs on it, and while it was slow, it definitely wasn’t as slow as the ones featured in your review. 

    Anyway, keep up the reviews coming!  

  • guest

    I just got the T1 and so far I’m liking it.  I have never had an e-reader as I purposely waited until a WiFi reader that worked in Canada was available, so I have nothing to compare it to, but so far so good.  My one concern was what to do with the stylus when I’m not using it and is the only design flaw that I can see so far.  I don’t think it would have been too difficult to add something the stylus hooks onto.  I may just put some velcro on the back of the reader and on the stylus so it doesn’t get in lost in the bedcovers!

  • I totally agree! The PRS-650 which was what this unit was based on had a small slot on the device that you slipped your stylus into. I think i lost my Stylus the day I got it and still can’t find it!

  • Guest

    Yes, it is a shame there isn’t a slot like there was in the older versions, but I presume that decision was taken to keep the price down. However, don’t worry about it – any stylus will work. Any discount will stock packs of DS-type styluses, which work fine. Personally, I’d just put the stylus it comes with in a safe place in case you ever decide to sell the T1, and then just use the cheap ones!

  • Guest

    Just a note to say that the free software Calibre is much better than Adobe Digital Editions for managing books. It will allow you to easily sort books into different Collections based on keywords, and even to mark them as, for instance ‘Read’ by use of Yes/no options.

  • Guest

    I got the PRS-T1 about 3 days ago. Last night it Froze when I turned it on. It took ages and multiple tries before the hard reset worked. It has frozen each time I’ve turned it on today, and now will not respond to anything and is frozen on “opening book” page. I like the new ereader though, its fast to load (normally) my old one had a battery fault or something so was slow. The only thing I don’t like (apart from the fact it won’t work today) is you can’t shift the books around as easily in collections as you used to.

  • Guest Coco

    Thanks for the review I really enjoy reading the information you have on your website.  My question is:  Can I check my webmail on this Sony PRS-T1 with a hotel wifi when I’m travelling?  Thanks!

  • Christine

    Hi Guys!  Great review! I’m almost sold on this one, but I need a little more info. There is a small proportion of people who need assistance due to learning challenges, etc. when they read. Since this one has the ability to listen to audio books and mp3s, I thought this might work. I have been trying to find an e-reader that will do text-to-speech perhaps by downloading an android app that sounds natural with adjustable speed, and highlights the words as it reads. Do you know if this is possible and if this e-reader would do this?

    I would be grateful if you could try it out and let me know. I know there are many people out there who would benefit from this.

  • My e-reader is having the same issue! Was just wondering what you did to fix it?

  • usagi

     I think I´m gonna buy this ereader, I was doubting between this and an energy sistem 4050 (spanish brand). but I want to know if this one can open japanese ebooks, or if not, if I could switch the firmware to japanese to do so…

    I´m searching in the japanese sony store the firmware…

  • It’s the first time I know something about sony e-reader. And it’s not bad.

  • Lou

    Hi Michael, found your blog yesterday, great information, and ordered the PRS-T1 after reading your review.  

    You wrote in a reply:  “It seems right now Digital Editions did not incorporate the Sony T1 yet into its list of supported devices, this may change soon”  That was LAST YEAR, now it is April 2012, has this been corrected?

    I don’t recall reading this tidbit problem in your review and this probably very important to many.    I manage all my books via Adobe Digital on my PC and only keep a few books on a reader.  Why?  It is much easier to search for books on a 17 inch laptop monitor than on a 7 inch handheld screen.

    When I download books, using my PC, from KOBO or the Toronto Library Overdrive, Adobe Digital automatically opens and the books land there and I can then sort them into different bookshelves etc.   Currently I plug my Pandigital into my laptop, and Adobe Digital immediately recognizes this device and then I drag and drop books into the Novel.

    I’m getting Eink reader because the LCD screen has become really hard on my eyes, too bad I didn’t know this back in Dec 2010.

    So how the heck do I get ALL or any of my books in Adobe Digital on my PC over to my new Sony PRS-T1 which arrives on Friday April 27th, 2012.

    Many thanks, Lou

  • Lou

     One further question . . . I notice that the Toronto Library offers audio books in a few formats, one of them being OverDrive MP3 Audiobook.  IF the prs-t1 has MP3 player for music would it not also allow listening to audiobooks formatted for MP3???

    Thanks again Michael or whomever can help me.

  • Christine

    Hi Lou!  I had a similar issue.  Download “Reader for PC”.  This is compatible with the Sony PRS-T1. Once you’ve got that you’ll be able to Sync the PC and e-reader, and transfer your books to the new organizer.   I called Sony and they were very helpful.  

  • Lou

     Think I have this figured out, yes we can play audio books on the T1.

  • Lou

     I bought my T1 on April 26th by April 27th the cat stole the stylus and i’m still looking for it . . . dumb decision not to put the stylus onboard the reader Sony.

  • Terry

    Lou, how did you do it?  I have tried a couple of times and cannot get it to work!  Bless you, if you can help me here!

  • Terry

    Hi Michael,

    I received the Sony PRS T1 for Mother’s Day (a little early, as I will be away on The Day).  I love it.  Downloaded books from the library in seconds and I love how it handles and feels. 
    When checking out ‘compatible devices’ on our library site, it lists downloading mp3 audio books to the Sony PRS T1 as ‘untested’.  Do you know if this can be done?  If so, how?  I would love to be able to listen to some audio books on my trip!

    Many thanks,

  • Lou

     Terry I read it can be done BUT have not yet accomplished anything.  IF, AS AND WHEN I will let you know.  🙁

  • nameless

    i like this review was very very detailed, but i wonder if you can only use the stylus to put notes in the pages or if you can just free draw or write with the stylus

  • Graya

    Have found that a book downloaded onto reader has problems turning pages and I have to wait ages for each page to turn – what is the reason for this please

  • Vivienne Simmons

    I love the Sony T1, but would like it better if it had the following additional features:
    -A timer for audio books.  So many times, I’ve listened to a book when in bed and fallen asleep only to wake to find that I’ve missed hours of the book so have to rewind to find a new start point.  It would be great if I could set the listening time to, say, one hour, which is about the length of time it takes me to fall asleep.
    -External speakers so I wouldn’t have to wear earphones in bed.
    I’m hoping someone will tell me that the reader already has these features and how I can activate them.

  • Cynthia

    I have a Sony PRST1 and would like to know if i can upload audio books as well as ebooks and music. If so could someone explain how i do it. I have a Mac. Thank you Cynthia

  • Can the ereader be charged straight from a usb wall charger or can you only charge them from the computer

  • Sandra

    Can you surf the net or browse on the Sony e reader T 1

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