Blackberry World Goes Live


Last year Google gravitated from its Google Android Market moniker and switched to Google Play.  Research in Motion followed suit and renamed its Blackberry APP World to just Blackberry World. The main website is now live for anyone to checkout and Playbook owners will get pushed the new update next week. If you still have a Blackberry Smartphone, the revised market should be available to download at the end of the month.

Blackberry World incorporates the Music and Video services that will allow customers to download content. Music can be bought by the track for around $1.99, and for the full album, $12.99. You can also elect to catch up with the Walking Dead or other shows for a couple dollars. Movies also abound with the ability to rent or own, fairly solid for the upcoming BB10 OS.

There is a ton of excitement for the loyal Blackberry users, who mostly have stayed with the brand through thick and thin. The new operating system will borrow elements from the Playbook, such as being able to load in Android Apps. This will greatly expand the versatility of being able to play games and use apps, that are otherwise not available on Blackberry World.

Make sure you check out our BB10 and Playbook App Market! You can load in stuff like Skype, Crackle, Whatsapp, and many other apps not in RIM’s official store.

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  • MaskedHypocrite

    $2 per song? Isn’t the standard $0.99? Sounds like a recipe for complete and utter failure