HTC Flyer Pre-Orders swells to a million

Whoever might have thought the 7 incher HTC Flyer would be a side player in the great tablet battle, against Samsung, Apple and LG is in for a shock! The Flyer tablet has already notched up orders of the tune of about a million units. This when the Taiwan based company is yet to reveal any specific launch schedule. In fact, we don’t even know for sure what the tablet is going to cost though early pointers indicate its going to be around $600, which if true will make the Flyer cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the 3G enabled iPad 2.

So while orders to the tune of a million units are definitely not something that can be ignored, what remains to be seen is whether there will be many more million orders that would make up the HTC Flyer story. And we all know, its only solid performance along with a viable eco-system that can let the Flyers win millions of hearts.

via digitimes

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  • Kwparker80

    Wow, talk about an article with no information in it. The least you could have done is include a link to where the tablet can be pre-ordered.

    Also, anyone who pays $600 for a 7″ tablet is nuts. The WIFI only Moto Xoom is about to be released at Sam’s Club and a couple of other places for $530, so hmmmmm, which should I buy? 7″ Flyer for 600 or a 10″ Xoom for 530?

    No brainer. Let’s hope you are wrong. Also, the Acer tablets should be being announced/released before September. I think the #2 PC manufacturer in the world will do a good job at a better price, but that remains to be seen I suppose.

  • MysticDragon

    Last pricing information I found on the Moto Xoom was 800$ where did you get 530$?

  • MysticDragon

    Oh i see.. the wi-fi only is going to be 600$
    well the flyer is 600$ and has 3G. seems like a better deal to me. But some people may prefer a larger 10″ screen. to each their own.
    After carrying or trying to carry around a 10″ ipad for the last year I’m ready to embrace the 7″ tablet.

  • Good E-Reader

    depends if you get it on contract or not.