The Kobo Glo HD Has a Hidden SD Card


The Kobo Glo HD is a new e-reader and its purpose is to heavily compete against the Amazon Kindle Voyage. When we received our early review unit there was no evidence of an SD card to boost the internal storage, which alienated users who want to store more books. When we removed the back plate off … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Your NOOK


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a tablet geared towards reading and it’s the first time Barnes and Noble outsourced the hardware design to another company.  The end result is a Samsung branded tablet coinciding with the Nook ecosystem.  A new device comes with a host of potential problems and it’s … [Read more...]

Is the Kobo Glo HD Worth the Upgrade?

Kobo Glo HD - Hardware

E-Readers are for the most part, immune to the same sort of upgrade cycle we see with smartphones and tablets. The amount of RAM, processor and internal storage are fairly consistent and not much innovation is happening in the e-reader world. This leaves software and resolution as the main reasons … [Read more...]