• Wow, no one here seems to want to discuss this. I support Google’s efforts: in the last three weeks I’ve been looking at the issue by searching for eBook versions of books I have in my library. I’ve found illegal downloads available for EVERY book I’ve checked (and I have a HUGE library). In addition, I found over 30 files that each listed dozens or hundreds of ebooks, fiction and non-fiction, with the both mobi and epub versions, with entire series by authors. I have even found eBooks for books that have not yet been PUBLISHED (i.e., Reader Proofs).

    The books are from publishers both large (thousands of published books) and small (less than a dozen books in their catalog). While the large companies might be able to weather lost sales, for a small publisher with only a few books, having illegal downloads in the ten’s of thousands while actually selling only a few thousand means going out of business. That in turn means the authors can’t sell their books, and thus stopping writing because the author then has to get a 9-5 job and has little time left to write.

    Anything Google can do to reduce the ability of thieves to distribute their stolen goods is good by my reasoning.

  • kp456

    I spends months and lots of thought in writing my educational books. 

    If piracy was rampant and there was no money in writing then the things I think that would be free would be…

    A) Anything before the point that happened (assuming writers need to make a living and therefore stopped writing and it became well known as a bad idea to start unless you want to work for free).

    B) Anything where the author wants to spread word for social good i.e. important news.

    C) More spam, adverts and fakery etc.  If there’s less point in providing usefull writing that people see worth spending time reading (be that pirated or paid for) then could this increase the amount of and audacity of unrealistic promises that offer far more than the former which are actaully just scams?  There’s enough of that kind of thing on the net already but I am wondering if people’s expectations of “free” would invite this further.

    Thanks to all the people who have actually bought a copy of one of my books, I hope you aren’t just giving me false hope to carry on and end up wasting years of my life for nothing (search eBook piracy is on the increase) I have put writing any more books on hold, keep it all inside my head and just make a living from teaching and being an examiner.  I knew from the start I’d be stupid to rely solely on books!

    PS: John Locke paid for 300 fake reviews of his 99c books, it’s in the NY Times, as per C above.

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