• belisarius

    The apps released through this site combine to crash when any 3 or more have been opened. The emulator then is fully crashed and only a restart would get it going. I also noticed that this problem does not occur when using android apps released through app world. Even doing a lengthy playbook reset of 2.0, nothing changes that apps such as Dolphin or Google Maps are so buggy the crash the entire emulator. Apps such as kindle did not cause any problems but even the ten app was freezing my emulator when ran in combination with other apps. When the freeze happens shutting the window does nothing. Restarting the emulator reveals just a black screen- no matter the app. Culprit could well be the emulator itself, but if the apps here cause such bad crashes I understand why rim has not adopted them and why best to wait.

  • Deberrc

    Not true. I’ve had ten up with nary a problem. I sent Michael a personal thanks for helping us out. Send me a note any time and we can perform a test. Aldilko ? Has been the only app I’ve experienced problems with. I have two PlayBook (s) a 16 and a 64gb model. 

  • Robert Mintak

    thank you for the great work – I downloaded the latest store client – how do you navigate it back to previous menus?

  • Tdusanj

    I am new to playbook. Downloaded the store client and downloaded an app.
    However, i cannot find the location where the file downloaded to?
    Can somebody help me find this main download directory.

  • Thanks Michael.Nice App with great features.

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