How to copy eBooks to the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet

In this exclusive Good e-Reader Video Tutorial we teach you how to load ebooks onto your new Nook Tablet! There are three programs we teach you how to use, depending on the type of book you are loading. They are all free and include Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions and Windows Explorer.

Calibre is a free download and has support for almost all the major e-readers and tablets on the market. It allows you tremendous flexibility in crafting your ebook experience. You can convert books from one format to another or simply change the title and author name. We give you an overview of what the program is all about and how to make simple edits to your book and then transfer it to your Nook Tablet.

Adobe Digital Editions
is a program primarily used for transferring to your device books you have purchased from other bookstores. You also have the ability to copy over books you have borrowed from the library.
Really, if your book has DRM you want to use this program to copy to over to your Nook Tablet. We show you how to register the program and import it into Digital Editions. Finally we show you how to copy it over to your tablet and then your good to go.

Lastly, we show you how to navigate the directory structure of your Nook Tablet. This is effective because we show you the right places to put your wallpapers, music, videos, newspapers and more. We also point out where the books physically go that you copied over with Adobe Digital Editions and Calibre.

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