• HarryGeez

    Can you make a video of the new PDF capabilities? This is pretty crucial for me as it will decide whether I’ll buy the Aura or Paperwhite.

  • Leopold

    The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) has a 1GHz processor this time around.

  • Bek

    Hey guys, in your list of “Cons”, you wrote, “Main Homescreen serves as a sales vehicle”. If you are referring to the recommended content which shows as the second row of books on the home screen, there’s an easy way to get rid of that. Just tap the Menu button and select Settings. On the Settings page, tap Device Options, and then Personalize your Kindle, and change the Recommended Content setting. You will then see your own books instead of recommendations. This will work even if you bought the cheaper Kindle Paperwhite With Special Offers.

    To get rid of the ads aka Special Offers (the banner at the bottom of the home screen and the screen saver ads), you need to go to amazon.com, log in to your Kindle account, and pay an extra $20 to turn off Special Offers. Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. Your choice.

  • Claude Champagne

    I’m eager to see your video comparison of the new PaperWhite and the Kobo Aura !

    Which one’s the best ?

  • TheJeebus

    It’s not clear which one plays second fiddle to the other. Very ambiguous writing.

  • Jordan Richards

    The 2013 Kindle Paperwhite has a 1GHz processor…

  • Darren Neufeldt

    I don’t think you should have given the kindle such a high rating. They barely upgraded anything from last year processor, ram, storage, etc. In fact they have exactly the same amount of ram as the kindle keyboard. Which was released in 2010! Pdfs crash because of low ram. They lowered the amount of storage from from four gigs in previous models to two gigs in the current version. What kind of company releases a product with less storage? Also a lot of things on the software side are going to be released for the original kindle paper white. Goodreads being a major example of this. Also you can’t tell the paper white readers apart. If your buying one in the store and the store has both models which one do you think they are going to sell you? For these reasons I think you should lower your score on the new kindle paper white.

    They released xray for apple but not android even though they use android themselves. Why?

  • Darren Neufeldt

    Now that Sony 13 inch ereader thats going to be released that deserves a nine even before you review it. I predict a lot of people are going to ditch amazon once that comes out. Amazon will eventually release a similar size ereader, but it will still only have 256 megs of ram.

  • forgewire

    “The e-reader kept on running out of memory,” I thought they are going to fix it. People were complaining for year about it. I will save money for a new iPad instead

  • forgewire

    IPad. Period

  • Claude Champagne

    Well, I already have an iPad, and the screen light is hurting my eyes.

  • forgewire
  • Rod

    The PW2 is TERRIBLE with PDFs.
    The reader crashes VERY often when using PDFs, even small ones. Out of memory error. Ridiculous.
    NO, you cannot change font size or ‘enhance fonts’ with PDF, the reviewer didn’t tell the truth about that!
    You cannot crop PDFs, and if you double-click to zoom, on the very next page the reader will screw up your text.
    You cannot search within PDFs.
    Nor can you change the margins! The margins are so wide, that you basically have a 5″ reader when it comes to PDFs making the text VERY small.
    So many reviewers keep claiming that PW2 is great for PDFs, I can only assume that either Amazon paid them off, or they just haven’t gone further than flipping a few pages in a very simple, text-only PDF. It is the WORST PDF reader that has come out so far!
    I have not been able to make it read .doc or .jpeg files, so basically it’s only good for Amazon books.

  • Chaojun Tan

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