What is the Apple iPad and How Much Does it Cost

Apple's Latest Offering - The iPad

Every time Steve Jobs calls for your attention, you sit upright, expecting a path-breaking gadget, and you know, you are seldom disappointed. The most awaited gizmo of 2010 was announced on January 27. After the iPod Touch and the iPhone, comes the Apple iPad. Everyone’s been hearing about it, but what is it? What can it do? How does it work? Apple says that it is their most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price! Read on, to decide for yourself.

What is the iPad?

The iPad is a sleek and resourceful eBook Reader, which is also the best way to experience the web and stay updated. It is a mobile tablet computer while being an entertainment system. All the built-in apps were designed to make full use of the 9.7inch screen, LED backlit Multi Touch display. Tap the iTunes store and access 3,00,000+ Apps, which will work in any orientation. You can do things with those apps, which you cannot do on any other device. Weighing 1.5 lb and 0.5 inch thin, it is easy to carry and has an internal rechargeable non-removable battery, expected to go strong for 10hours!

Linked to the Internet through WiFi and 3G, accessing different websites and downloading anything and everything, just got easier with a touch of a finger. Scroll through websites by flicking your finger up or down, write a mail, flip through photos, play games, listen to music or watch a movie in absolute vibrant colors.

This is Apple’s first device to use its iBookstore service, all set to compete against other eBook devices in the market. Read any book, from classics to the one topping the bestseller chart, in a very readable size font.

And what about doing some serious work, along with the plethora of entertainment? The iWork app comes at a minimal charge of $10, enabling you to do some basic computer work on the on-screen keyboard, where typing is like a dream.

What can’t the iPad do?

This question goes on to show that the functions have managed to overwhelm you. Well, your iPad does not have cellular or GPS connection. This tablet is also camera-less. It runs only on software downloaded from Apple’s App Store. You need to check for the local WiFi signal in order to access the Apple store.

How much does the iPad cost?

As touted by the men behind the magic, the iPad comes as a complete package with an unbelievable price tag of $499! The upgraded one, expected to be launched in the next few months, will be priced at $629.

Over the years, the computer industry has seen a variety of turns, yet Apple’s contributions have been key steps forward in how we use our computers. That is what makes us wait for this sleek machine with intuitive navigation, to hit the shelves. Better think of things you will do with it. No matter what you need, there’s bound to be an app tailored for it!

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