Google Gets Girls Into IT With $50M “Made With Code” Investment


As a woman working in the male-dominated IT industry, news that Google has launched a new initiative aimed to get young women excited about become software developers hits rather close to home. While it’s true that there are more women entering computer science-related fields every year, it is also the case that they are still the minority. In an effort to change that, Google’s new program will spend $50 million over the next 3 years to demonstrate how the things women love are “Made with Code.”

Many partners in the community are already involved, including leaders like Chelsea Clinton and organizations like the MIT Media Lab and Girl Scouts of the USA. Unlike many educational programs that have talked -at- children, this one aims to provide the resources and projects meant to inspire and also engage (a few ready-to-try examples include: design a 3D bracelet and have it printed, create animated GIFs, or compose a soundtrack).

Mentors already involved in the program are as fascinating as they are awe-inspiring, with examples like:

Danced w/Code (Miral Kotb shows “the intersection of dance and code on Broadway”)

Saved w/Code (Erica Kochi describes how “disease and injustice are no match for a simple mobile phone”),

Animated w/Code (Danielle Feinberg shares “Lighting up the Pixar movies that light up the big screen”).

While “Made with Code” has been designed with young women in mind, please consider taking the time to learn a little more about the program no matter your age or gender… it might surprise you to discover the ways that technology is changing the world around you (and also that it is being achieved by regular people no different from you and me).

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