LG G-Slate unveiled

The last we have heard of the G-Slate, LG’s answer to the likes of the Galaxy Tab was during the CES. In between, a few leaks, rumors and a couple of videos did manage to keep the Honeycomb tablet in news but concrete details of the tablet was grossly missing while its the XOOM from Motorola that seemed to be enjoying all the Honeycomb honey all alone. But not any more as here are some details of the elusive LG tablet finally making it to the web sphere. And thankfully, none of it are rumors and speculations this time, but official details released by the carrier partner T-Mobile.

So what has emerged of the latest tablet kid on the block is that the G-Slate is one more to come with the NIVIDA Tegra 2 dual core processor, along with 32 GB of on board storage, a built-in gyroscope, light sensor and an accelerometer. An SD card slot seems imminent though not confirmed.

The 3D rumors surrounding the G-Slate has also been confirmed, which means the LG tablet is indeed 3D capable though one will need special glasses to enjoy the 3D effect which is displayed in anaglyph form. However, its not known as of now whether it will be active or passive glasses that would be required though what’s almost certain is that active glasses will push the price up.

Now as for the G-Slate’s image capturing capabilities, the tablet comes with a two megapixel camera at the front to aid video conferencing either via T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network or Wi-Fi. On the rear, its a stereoscopic twin camera setup that is capable of capturing 1080p quality 3D videos while one of the camera will act as a 5 megapixel still camera with LED Flash.

The G-Slate will also include an HDMI port, capable of outputting 1080p HD quality 3D content to a TV or suitable media. The display will be made up of an 8.9 inch multitouch screen having a healthy 1280 × 720 pixel resolution that will be capable of playing back 720p videos. And lastly, behind it all will be the first tablet version of Android, that is Android 3.0 Honeycomb. In fact, LG has already made it known the G-Slate will be the first Honeycomb tablet to hit US soils when it is launched there in March. Interestingly, we already know the first Honeycomb tablet is none other than the Motorola XOOM.

Pricing details are still anybody’s guess there is a rumor doing the rounds the tablet will eventually be released on March 23rd.

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  • Anonymous

    This tablet is going to be the one that can finally compete with the iPad. I am going to use it with my DISH Remote Access app from DISH Network. The DRA app allows me to watch live streaming content on my smart phone or tablet anywhere I have 3g or wifi connection. It is going to look amazing on this display.

  • http://twitter.com/Tech_Gone_Wild Ezekiel Carsella

    i feel bad for lg since their tabs have failed