Hi – Thanks for all your work converting the apps!I can’t find any of them on appworld on my playbook though – how do i find them please?I don’t want to ‘sideload’ or ‘dingleberry’ or ‘crack’ or anything else like that!!
    Thank you

  •  You don’t need to crack or root or anything like that. The Playbook with the OS2 update has an android emulator. You can then load in apps. You can find out more info in our video tutorial section on http://goodereader.com/apps/


    That’s great, thank you.
    Am I right in thinking I can’t just download them – I have to download then link to my pc etc?
    Thanks again

  • the software you need + videos + tutorials is right here http://goodereader.com/apps/playbook/playbook-android-apps/?did=177

  • Darren

    You guys rock! The Kindle app is excellent and makes the Playbook into a top-notch e-reader. I know I’ll take some heat for this, but can we expect any updates on some of these apps? Specifically Yahoo Mail… 

  •  we updated yahoo mail

  • Tikana

    Thanks. Those are great apps. I didn’t not encounter any problems, so far. Btw, do really appreciate if you could convert GOLF APPS namely The Masters, The Open, USGA and the PGA.   Again, thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Jeffbourassa

    so this seems like a really stupid question….  I have successfully install Dropbox and Kindle, and was able to launch them on install?  After I reboot my playbook I cannot find the dropbox or Kindle icons to launch the Android Apps?  I must be missing something obvious I am thinking?  

    How do I launch the Android apps on the playbook after installing?


  • RollingCalf

    With all the success that others have been having in being able to easily convert their Kindle books to PlayBook, I must be doing something wrong. I am still not able to make the conversion work.

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