How Would You Change the B&N Nook?


The Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight first became commercially available October 2013. This was the companies second generation e-reader that featured a front-lit display, allowing people to read e-books in the dark. By today's standards this device is hopelessly out of date and most of Nooks … [Read more...]

How to Send Email on the Kindle Voyage


e-Readers tend to have a singular purpose, reading digital books. The Amazon Kindle Voyage has an experimental internet browser that allows you to do things online, such as checking your email. Today, we show you the browser, where its located and demonstrate how to send an email. Amazon has had … [Read more...]

How has e-Reader Lighting Evolved?


E-Readers first became popular when the original Amazon Kindle debuted in 2007. A few years later Barnes and Noble started to sell e-books and release a slew of devices, ditto for Kobo. It was during this period in which if you wanted to read at night, you had to invest in a book light or a case … [Read more...]

Pocketbook Sense e-Reader Review

pocketbook sense

The Pocketbook Sense is a brand new e-reader and has just hit the open market in Europe and North America. ¬†One thing that is clearly evident at first glance is how well designed it is. ¬†Pocketbook is not known for having sexy looking digital readers, but the Sense is their best offering to … [Read more...]

The Kobo Glo HD Has a Hidden SD Card


The Kobo Glo HD is a new e-reader and its purpose is to heavily compete against the Amazon Kindle Voyage. When we received our early review unit there was no evidence of an SD card to boost the internal storage, which alienated users who want to store more books. When we removed the back plate off … [Read more...]