Adobe Discontinues Photoshop Touch


Adobe has announced that they are discontinuing Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS.  The app will only be available until May 28, whereupon Adobe will yank it from the market. Copies of the software installed on devices will continue to work "for the foreseeable future." Photoshop Touch came out … [Read more...]

Is Digital Publishing Broken?


It's been eight long years since Amazon rocked the reading world with the introduction of the Kindle. It was certainly not the first e-reader device on the market, but it was the first one with the power of Amazon's PR team to put it in consumers' hands in a big way, and it was the first one that … [Read more...]

Top 7 E-reading Apps for the Sony Z3


Once upon a time, the dilemma facing bibliophiles was where to store their latest page-turner so they could sneak in a read on the go. Then came e-readers, which let bookworms carry all their favorite reads on one device the size of a small paperback. Just when you thought reading couldn't get any … [Read more...]

How to Load e-books on the Kobo Glo HD


Whenever a new e-reader hits the market, many users are purchasing one for the first time. Inevitably people will want to load their own EPUB or PDF files on it, whether they were bought from other retailers or downloaded from random websites. Today, I will teach you how to load e-books on the Kobo … [Read more...]