Kindle Writeon is Destined to Fail


Amazon Kindle Writeon is a community where writers share their works in progress and solicit feedback from people on story direction, editing and fact checking. The service publicly launched at the beginning of March and was in beta for numerous months. How is Writeon doing? Sadly, its failing in … [Read more...]

Reading While Under the Influence


Writers such Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, John Cheever, Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald all drunk alcohol or other intoxicants while writing their books. Most modern writers that I know always have a glass of wine when they are going to sit at their computers for hours. Its a given that … [Read more...]

Lets Talk Books – Ready Player One


Once in awhile a book comes along with a unique premise and solid execution. The kind of book that people include in their top 10 lists and recommend to friends with great gusto. Ready Player One by Ernest Kline is such a book. The Book centers around the Oasis, a virtual reality system in which … [Read more...]

Is the iPhone 6 Plus Good for e-Reading?


The iPhone 6 Plus is the first large screen phone that Apple has ever released and is quite excellent at reading e-Books, comics, manga and staying on top of the daily news.  Unlike iPhones of the past, the 6 Plus actually makes the process of digital reading very enjoyable. The 6 Plus by Apple … [Read more...]