Why do Publishers Launch Websites?


Major publishers in recent years have been on a rampage trying to appeal to the YA audience.  They have been setting up niche websites that are designed to sell books but also have a youth savvy editorial voice. Sadly, the vast majority of these sites are dead in the water a few months after … [Read more...]

Can eBook Subscription Services Evolve?

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Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Entitle, Oyster and Scribd all have e-book subscription models that allow you to read as many titles you want, for a low monthly price. Given that there are close to 100,000 books on each platform are people binge reading the same way Netflix users watch television? Do they … [Read more...]

Apple has failed the e-Book reader


Apple has quickly become a major player in the smartphone and tablet business. Their devices are everywhere and their constant marketing campaigns always generate buzz. One of the big reasons why people have gravitated towards Apple products was the sheer amount of apps available. Amazon, B&N, … [Read more...]

The Rise of Post-Apocalyptic Literature

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The world has been ending for quite a long time. Ever since the breakout success of Cormac McCarthy's 2006 novel The Road, the US has been degraded, devastated, and decimated time and time again. It seems the world of post-apocalyptic fiction is having a non-dystopian future. In the last year or … [Read more...]