The Best Book Review Sites – 2015


Sometimes you buy books on impulse or because you heard it was good. In other cases due diligence is necessary and maybe you want to read a few reviews first. There are many review sites out there that have spoilers that can ruin the reading experience, while others are really solid. Today, we are … [Read more...]

Book Review – The Modern Mercenary


There have been a number of books published in the last few years that tackle the role that modern mercenary companies such as Blackwater and Dynccorp play on the global stage. The Modern Mercenary by Sean McFate looks at the historical role of mercenaries during the feudal era and how they directly … [Read more...]

Is the Kobo Glo HD Worth the Upgrade?

Kobo Glo HD - Hardware

E-Readers are for the most part, immune to the same sort of upgrade cycle we see with smartphones and tablets. The amount of RAM, processor and internal storage are fairly consistent and not much innovation is happening in the e-reader world. This leaves software and resolution as the main reasons … [Read more...]

Kobo Aura vs Kobo Glo HD

kobo glow hd vs kobo aura

Kobo has three e-readers in their current portfolio that they market all over the world. The Kobo Aura and Kobo Glo HD are two of the most notable and customers may be wondering, what is best for me? Today, we compare them against each other so you can get a sense on what they bring to the table. … [Read more...]