The Future of E-Readers is IMX 7


Freescale has  played a pivotal role in the e-reader industry  from the very first Sony e-Reader to the modern day Amazon Kindle Voyage. Their processors and internals allow e-paper to truly shine and directly impact everything from page turns to battery life. Today, Freescale has just announced the … [Read more...]

First Look at iOS 9


This fall Apple will be releasing a major enhancement to their operating system with the advent of iOS 9. There is major SIRI improvements that will monitor your lifestyle, for example if you always listen to music when you get up in the morning, it will automatically bring up your favorite … [Read more...]

Does Apple TV Need an App Store?


There are many rumors swirling that Apple is poised to announce their 3rd generation TV box at the next World Wide Developers Conference in June. The big news is that finally Apple TV will get its own app store, giving users more options to install streaming services such as Twitch and who knows … [Read more...]