Apple iPad Mini, iPad 4 Clears FCC

The iPad Mini has made it past FCC regulations, which means it has been certified for regular everyday use in the US. Both the new Apple tablet devices have been granted approval in their "singular WiFi and dual cellular editions." What this means is that the iPad Mini has been approved in its Wi-Fi … [Read more...]

Tablet PC News Roundup

microsoft surface tablet

The biggest tablet news right now is the Surface tablet's pricing. It starts at a decent $499, which may be disappointing for those who perhaps were hoping for the device to be priced at $199. For $499, what you get is the basic 32 GB version of Surface RT, sans the keypad, while the tablet and … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Rumors – Roundup

ipad mini1

iPad Mini has been the talk of the town for quite some time and there has been a continuous buildup surrounding its arrival. All without Apple mentioning it at all until now. There are leaked photos of the component that is being used on the tablet and many other such unconfirmed news … [Read more...]

Enterprise to Fuel Next Round of Tablet Sales

iPAd in the enterprise

Tablet sales has already been experiencing a steady growth each year round though it seems there are still a lot of room for further improvement. In reality tablets have yet to make a credible dent at the enterprise segment, so that what seems evident is that the next major push at tablet sales is … [Read more...]