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The one tablet device we get to hear about the most is no doubt the iPad and it always has some solid sales figures to back that up. However, a recent revelation has thrown open an interesting perspective to the entire tablet numbers game. While the iPad is still the tablet device to beat, the cumulative Android tablet sales has increased significantly in recent times, and now they account for almost 40% of the iPad sales numbers.

All of it stems from a statement made by Google’s ex-CEO and current chairman, Eric Schmidt, at a recently concluded Motorola press event wherein he stated that about 1.3 million Android devices are activated every day, and nearly 70,000 account for tablet PCs.

Ed Burnette from ZDNet used the figure and some mathematical skills to come to the conclusion that Android tablet sales are closing the gap against the iPad, so that the former now makes up for 37.2 percent of the daily iPad sales. The actual figure will be higher than that since it excludes tablet devices such as the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet, both of which run Android but avoid Google apps and the Android activation number only includes those devices that actually use a Google account for their apps. The iPad figures have been drawn from the tablet’s last quarter sales figure of 17 million, which boils down to 188,888 iPad sold on each day of the last quarter.

The conclusion is clear, Android is gaining in popularity and it can be attributed to its latest iteration, the Jelly Bean, and its  smooth operations. Also, Jelly Bean couldn’t have had a better launch device than the Nexus 7, which boasts of extremely affordable prices while still sporting hi-tech internals. There are more such devices coming along in the 7 inch segment, while the Kindle Fire is expected to rake in some serious sales figures as well. Pity there aren’t exact sales figures for two of the biggest selling Android tablets: the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire.

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iPad Mini Rumors – Roundup

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iPad Mini has been the talk of the town for quite some time and there has been a continuous buildup surrounding its arrival. All without Apple mentioning it at all until now. There are leaked photos of the component that is being used on the tablet and many other such unconfirmed news bits.

Bloomberg has confirmed news from four different makers of display units that are intended to be fitted for the iPad Mini. LG and AU Optronics, says Bloomberg, will be making the Mini’s display screens. According to the report, the Mini will be available in the market around October.

There has been a steady flow of reports of a smaller iPad in development, indicating it will have a 7.85 sized display and be launched in October. However, Apple is known for producing completely unexpected projects. Final judgement on this should be reserved until we get to see the real thing. The leaked images do point towards a device with a very appealing design. It does look like an oversized iPhone, but that’s not a problem at all. As for its functioning, we already are used to how the iPhone and the iPad behaves and it would make even bigger news if the device is found lacking in features and performance.

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According to ABI Research, the total number of tablet devices sold in the 2012 April – June period is 25 million units. While that is a thoroughly impressive figure, industry analysts report that from July to December over 100 million units will be shipped. Not surprisingly, the Apple iPad is leading with a commanding 69 percent of the market.

“Most impressive about Apple’s 17.0 million tablet shipments in 2Q’2012 was it nearly matched 2010 total worldwide shipments of 17.3 million for all vendors,” said ABI analyst Jeff Orr.

However, a major change in the tablet segment is underway with the recently launched Google Nexus 7 also creating a huge user base of its own. The upcoming Kindle Fire 2 is also expected to take the market by storm, and so will the iPad mini when it’s launched. A slew of other launches in the 7 inch segment is also in the wings, which is also expected to impact the tablet segment positively.

Lastly, there is also the Microsoft Surface, which along with other Windows 8 based tablet devices, is also likely to carve out a sizeable portion of the entire tablet market.

However, while the tablet market as a whole is in the midst of exponential growth, iPad’s dominance and appeal do not seem to wane. At the most, the Apple tablet will see its market share tumble in the face of increased competition, though with the market itself getting inflated, Apple’s tablet sales figure is not expected to see a massive downturn anytime soon.

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Apple is the king of the tablet market with its iPad standing head and shoulders above every other tablet currently on sale. This is hardly surprising as this is how things have been ever since the iPad was launched back in 2010. However, if you still need proof of just how dominating the iPad is, here are some figures released by ad agency Chitika.

The iPad with 70 percent of the tablet market commands an impressive 91 percent (91.07 to be precise) of media tablet web traffic. The figures have been drawn on the basis of the millions of impressions that its own mobile advertising network registered during the period June 4th till June 10th, 2012. In fact, so high is the volume of traffic coming from the iPad that none of its competitors could come up with even 2 impressions per device compared to a 100 impressions from the Apple tablet. However, traffic from iPad is still about 3.5 percent lower than the 94.64 percent it had managed in early May.

In another interesting revelation, data released by the ad network firm revealed the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet has made it past the Kindle Fire that has been the toast of the last holiday season. The overall second slot belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with 1.94 percent of the web traffic. Nook, at the 6th spot generates 0.85 percent of web traffic, past Kindle Fire whose share stands at 0.71 percent.

However, the figures are expected to even out in the coming months with competition getting better with each day. The emergence of Windows 8 will also open up a third dimension in the tablet industry that until now has been largely dominated by the Apple iOS and Google’s Android based devices.

“Even though [Apple] still remain dominant, the disparity is not the same as it used to be, and we believe the tablet market will follow a similar trend,” the company added referring to the way the smartphone industry has shape up. Apple iPhones used to be the dominating player here though a number of devices running Android have made steady inroads into Apple market share in the past several months.

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When Steve Jobs had ruled out a 7 inch sized iPad, there were plenty of tablets in the 7 inch segment. Though none had gone on to make sales history compared to the iPad. After Amazon’s Kindle Fire became so popular, however, Apple has been prompted to re-think its stand so far as a 7 inch iPad is concerned. The idea of a smaller iPad with a 7 inch display has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, and it appears that it might become a reality after all. Experts are guessing it could reach markets by October.

While this is welcome news, the biggest surprise with the smaller iPad is that it is still expected to come with the retina display, which happens to be the biggest USP of the new iPad 3. What this means is that with 2048 x 1536 pixels crammed into a 7 inch frame, a pixel density of around 326 ppi will endow the new iPad with almost the same clarity as the iPhone 4S. That said, the best thing with the new iPad could still be its price, which is likely to be around the $200 – $250 mark.

Apple’s intentions are extremely clear, it simply does not want any room for its competitors and the above mentioned price point is vital for that strategy. Lately there have been a lot of tablet or e-reader/tablet hybrids entering that price bracket. These include the B&N Nook Color, Kindle Fire, the Kobo Vox, and many others. These devices settled down around the $200 price bracket, allowing Apple and others the premium segment. Now with Apple seemingly readying a 7 inch iPad, the budget tablet segment could become non-existent the way all other MP3 players went extinct after the advent of the iPod.

Sources with imore also claim everything else with the new iPad will be just the same as the 9.7 inch version, which means Apple might have a killer device up its sleeve. Bad news for all other tablets.

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Tablet sales has already been experiencing a steady growth each year round though it seems there are still a lot of room for further improvement. In reality tablets have yet to make a credible dent at the enterprise segment, so that what seems evident is that the next major push at tablet sales is expected to come from the enterprise business users.

“We are seeing rapid adoption of tablets across a lot of highly regulated sectors – from public utilities to financial services, banking and healthcare,” said Dimitri Volkmann, vice president for products and markets at Good Technology.

To put that in numbers, of the 119 million tablets that is likely to be sold in 2012, about 10 percent of the demand is expected to come from the business segment alone.

As Dimitri Volkmann, vice president for products and markets at Good Technology puts it, “We are seeing rapid adoption of tablets across a lot of highly regulated sectors – from public utilities to financial services, banking and healthcare.”

All of this should clearly be a great piece of news for Apple which has been ruling the roost of the tablet segment with its iPad. In fact, the iPad singlehandedly crafted the entire tablet segment when none existed. As such, what can be said with a fair degree of surety is that we are on the verge of seeing a huge influx of tablet devices in the business segment; and that the majority of them will be the Apple iPad.

However, while Apple along with Android is all set to reap the benefits of increased demand for tablet devices in the work place, experts however aren’t too optimistic with Microsoft and its high stakes take on the tablet segment with the Windows 8 platform.

A lot of companies like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, to name a few, have already expressed their intentions to build a Windows 8 based tablet device. Handset maker Nokia too has made known their their intentions of coming up with a tablet running Windows 8, which is understandable considering their new found love for Microsoft and their Windows platform.

Research in Motions that has traditionally been known for their enterprise friendly solutions is another company that might not have the going too easy with their PlayBook tablet devices in the enterprise segment. The reason being that both Microsoft and RIM are entering the segment fairly late by which time market leader Apple has entrenched themselves too well with a well structured app eco-system.

Having said that, what also has to be said in the same vein is that its too early to write off both Microsoft and RIM. Both are seasoned player but are faced with a transitional phase in the personal computing segment where tablet like device have suddenly shot to stardom. The tablet growth story has been phenomenal with Apple being the dominant force so far. Google’s Android is another player that has been serving the anti Apple camp so far though apart from the Kindle Fire, there has been no single tablet success story so far. What this means is that both RIM and Microsoft has to play their cards too well to ensure they survive in the so called ‘post PC’ world.

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The results from a survey carried out by ChangeWave Research covering iPad users and their experience reveals a whopping 82 percent being very satisfied with the latest Apple tablet, while 16 percent indicated their experience to be “somewhat satisfied.” The target group selected by the firm for their survey comprised of users who have adopted the iPad in its early stages of availability. A similar survey carried out for the iPad 2 to judge people’s expectation had revealed 74 percent voting for confidence in the tablet and 23 percent unsure.

The main reason for the popularity of the new iPad as per the survey is the retina display technology. With 2048 x 1536 pixels packed into the same 9.7 inch display, this translates to 3.1 million pixels coming together to render super crisp images. The pixel strength is 4 times that found on the iPad 2, which has been setting the standard until just a month ago. No other tablet maker has announced plans of a tablet with that high of a pixel density. That said, the retina display feature has one big drawback, so to say. The low resolution content on the web would be magnified in this case and the end result isn’t as impressive.

Coming to the other aspects that have made the iPad 3 so popular include its battery life (22% of users liked) and LTE feature (21%). Another noticeable aspect of the new iPad 3 is its enhanced processing capability, which has found favor with 20 percent of users.

However, the new iPad 3 isn’t just about popularity, as its sales figures might suggest. There have been some negative comments also registered. Among the main complaints with the Apple tablet is its price, with 26 percent of the total number surveyed complaining the price is a bit too high. Similarly, a not so pocket friendly wireless data plan is what 23 percent people also cited as reason for not liking the device. Another 10 percent of people cited reasons like weight, dimension, and storage capacity as drawbacks of the device. Finally, the new iPad generates too much heat for 7 percent of those surveyed.

In the end, what also needs to be said is that the actual number of people who had been part of the survey study group is just 200. This is a very small number of iPad 3 users considering 3 million + have bought the device. As such, the survey might not be a complete indication of the device, though it does provide us with an estimate of customer satisfaction.

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Welcome to another Good e-Reader Exclusive Video Comparison! Today we check out the Kindle Reading experience on the first generation iPad and the new Apple iPad! We check out features and what you can expect out of both models.

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Apple just announced the new iPad HD at a press conference in San Francisco today! This is CEO Tim Cook’s second big product launch and the company has a ton riding on the latest iteration of the iPad.

The iPad HD will feature a 9.7 inch Retina display with a resolution of 2,048 X 1,536. Underneath the hood lurks their new Apple A5X processor and quad core graphics. Apple is claiming that their new ship delivers better graphics and processing time then Nvidia Tegra 3. The camera has also been upgraded with the rear facing edition shooting a solid 5 MP. Pictures should appear crisper with 1080P video capture with built in stabilization. Apple is even tagging the new camera with the name iSight.

Siri is not making an appearance with this new device much to my chagrin but the new iPad does feature Voice Dictation that supports US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese.

What about speed and internet? The big new facet of this device is the 4G LTE that will be compatible with AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Telus and Bell Mobility! They also announced that it has world ready 3G speeds and a personal hotspot. The addition of 4G LTE is a boon for the company but not for wireless carriers. Expect many companies to be completely overwhelmed within the next month has millions of new people are watching 1080P movies.

The new iPad will look almost exactly like the earlier models, at 9.4mm thick and 1.5 pounds in weight. It will also come at the same price as the earlier models: $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB. The wireless models will cost $629, $729, and $829. All models will be on sale Fri., March 16! Make sure to reserve it a day in advance if you buy it from an Apple Store due to Stock Demands.

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MS Office for iPad Leaked

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Microsoft’s Office application for the iPad has been in the making for quite some time now, though it seems ready for a release soon. An image of an iPad tablet running the popular MS Office application was leaked online with the application design resembling that of the Metro Style that is being developed for Windows 8. Also, the app includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint icons, though Microsoft’s other extremely popular Office software Outlook has been kept out of the iPad application.

With the application seemingly ready for submission with Apple, it could still be a few weeks before it gets Apple’s approval.

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Apple and Amazon are the two biggest players in the tablet and e-book reader segment respectively, though it’s the iPad that might just have edged past the Kindle as far as the product’s age and resale worth is concerned. A recent research report suggests that the iPad has more value then Kindle products.

So what type of value do these devices hold? The Apple iPad will lose just half its initial cost a year after purchase while the Kindle loses up to 75% of its value during the same time.  Similarly, the Kindle e-readers continue to lose their sheen in the re-sale market faster than the iPad. The Kindle 3 or “Keyboard” is known to be selling on Craigslist and Ebay for only $16. Compare this to the $139 that Amazon is selling the same for via its retail site. All of that translates to a 22% faster depreciation rate for the Kindle compared to the Apple iPad.

“Kindle’s frequent price drops combined with multiple models now available heavily contribute to its reduced Gazelle value,” said an executive with electronics reseller Gazelle, Anthony Scarsella. “Similar to what you see in Andriod phones (lots of model updates and frequent price drop) compared to iPhone (few models, stable pricing), the iPhone holds about 60% of its value one year after launch while even the best Androids only hold about 40%.”

Apple is in the process of launching a whole new iPad this coming month which means there will be a sharp rise in the sale of the older versions. However, there aren’t any such resale figures available as yet for the Kindle Fire tablet, seeing as it’s just 4 months old. Incidentally, the Kindle Fire happens to be the biggest competitor of the Apple iPad and it will be interesting to see how the Amazon tablet measures up to the iPad in the resale market.

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Samsung had affected some redesign to their original Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and had named it Galaxy Tab 10.1N in order to circumvent the ban imposed on the 10 inch tablet. The ploy seems to be working as the state court in Duesseldorf Germany has now stated the design changes are enough to not consider the 10.1N as an iPad copycat any more. The Galaxy Tab 10.1N had already been on sale and the latest court ruling means that it can continue unhindered. The latest ruling is also one more in a series of wins that Samsung has achieved against their rivals, Apple, in recent times. Courts in the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia have already squashed Apple’s claim on the Galaxy Tab being “slavishly” copied from the iPad design.

Interestingly, while Apple is actively pursuing a legal battle against Samsung, the latter also happens to be the supplier of many a key components to Apple. Also, the majority of tablet devices currently out in the market does sport a similar look and feel as the iPad. In such a scenario, Apple attempts to single out its nearest competitor, Samsung, for legal action could have been an indication of its hegemonic design in the tablet kingdom. If that is the case, then it’s an extremely positive sign that Samsung has managed to break free. Consumers stand to benefit more than anyone else in a competitive market.

However, the battle does not seem to stop just here, given Apple’s dislike of anything Android. It has already designed an offensive strategy against Samsung in Australia and similar behavior is also expected in Germany. Maybe the first phase of the Apple vs Samsung battle is over and we are about to enter the next, more aggressive phase soon.

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Apple has won the tablet battle in Germany against rival Samsung, which means the Korean conglomerate can’t sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in that country. A higher regional court in Duesseldorf, Germany has upheld the temporary ban that was imposed on the Samsung tablet in an earlier judgement. However, the victory can be considered as largely symbolic as Samsung had already replaced the particular tablet with a reworked version named the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Apple has sought a preliminary injunction on the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, though the court clearly wasn’t impressed enough. A final ruling on that is expected on February 9.

Apple has initiated legal proceedings against Samsung in various countries around the world and had tasted success in almost all the cases. However, things have started to change and after a couple of court rulings that stated in clear terms the Samsung tablet can’t be considered an exact replica of the iPad. However, the damage may well have been done as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 remained off market during the crucial holiday season. The tablet itself may well be out of date by now as we’re expecting the next gen version of almost all other tablets, including the iPad. We have already heard rumors of Samsung developing a sequel to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it will be interesting to see what the tablet will look like. Surely the last thing Samsung will like to engage in is another court battle with Apple.

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