Qualcomm is not giving up on Mirasol


Qualcomm Mirasol technology was originally developed for the next generation of color e-readers. The company has spent over two billion dollars trying to make it work but only a handful of devices ever employed it, such as the Kyobo and Koobe Jin Yong Reader. Since they failed to make a meaningful … [Read more...]

The Future of E-Readers is IMX 7


Freescale has  played a pivotal role in the e-reader industry  from the very first Sony e-Reader to the modern day Amazon Kindle Voyage. Their processors and internals allow e-paper to truly shine and directly impact everything from page turns to battery life. Today, Freescale has just announced the … [Read more...]

Would you Buy an E Ink Table?


If you have ever used a Kindle or Nook e-reader, the e-paper display is made by a company called e Ink. Over the last few years they have diversified into digital signage and in early 2015 they have created new technology called Prism. Prism is comprised of E Ink’s bistable ink in a film that can … [Read more...]